Well – this is my very first blog and I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing yet. I want to share what I do and how I do it and that is product and conceptual photography. So – over time I will be adding images along with lighting set ups and post production details to my blog. I hope to attract fellow photographers who may like to share their images and set ups for the benefit of others.

Egg on Edge

OK – That’s basically my introduction so keep an eye out as I’m hoping to add content to my blog as often as I can. Cheers Terry Croom


2 comments on “IN THE BEGINING

  1. Hi Terry!
    I’m Robert from Hungary (CR-StudioArt Photigy the Forum)
    I am very glad that you have started your blog. I regularly read, will follow your blog.
    Good Luck!
    Robert and Claudia (my wife)

    • Hi Robert & Claudia
      Thank you for following my Blog and I hope you enjoy it. If you ever feel you want to contribute with some of your ideas and/or images that would be great. Keep in touch.

      Kind Regards

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