I will be running Saturday workshops in my studio for any photographer (amateur or pro) who would like to experience the very creative and rewarding genre of Still Life Photography in a professional studio. The workshop will be from 10.00am till 2.00pm and lunch will be provided.
The workshop will begin with an image created by me. You will then be taken through the process from start to finish using your camera to re-create it. By the end of the day you will not only have learned the tips and tricks used in studio to produce the final image but you will be able to take that image away with you to proudly display in your portfolio.

My studio is not large so I will only take a maximum of 3 students. For availability and fees please message me:
Still Life  is the one genre of  photography that gives the photographer full control. Control of subject, in as much as you can create anything you want as your subject, to control of lighting. The power of lighting and light modifiers in studio is restricted only by your own imagination. Bits of white or black card, silver paper, mirrors, translucent plastic sheeting are to name just a few of the items used in studio. Bending and manipulating light that falls on your subject is an art form in its self. These are the things I will, over time, be sharing with you. If you would like to experience a professional shoot in my studio, and join one of my workshops, get in touch on my website.Regards
Terry Croom

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