OK the September workshop is now fully booked and closed so I am now taking bookings for October. I will be tackling something equally challenging and in the next few days I will submit  an image to show what we will be doing next month. If you missed Septembers, don’t worry, I will be posting details about that workshop including BTS images to show how I did it and the results from our first students.

Why not bookmark this blog and return to see what ‘s happening next.


Terry Croom



2 comments on “FULLY BOOKED

  1. Three of us spent a happy four hours in the studio with Terry today learning how to use lighting to produce striking still life images.
    Whilst the rain beat down outside and the wind whipped up a storm, we were guided gently and patiently through the process of re-producing the image shown here. https://terrycroom.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/image-after-post-production/

    Then, having disassembled all the kit, it was the turn of the students after lunch to set it all up again!
    Terry allowed us to experiment and to discover how minor adjustments of any of the many variables could radically, or subtly, alter the image. He also explained how it is possible to produce good effects at home using simple, every day objects.
    I would recommend this workshop if you are interested in learning more about studio lighting. There is very little technical stuff (phew!), it is much more about being creative.

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