Today I had my first Workshop with my first candidates Sally, Tony and Dave. We undertook the project of re shooting my hair spray image  and here you can see a few images that Sally & Tony took during the shoot which I very much appreciated as it shows how we interacted within the studio. I will at some stage in the very near future, post images of the shoot stage by stage to show how it was done. This was a hands on experience for the candidates and allowed them to experiment and see for them selves what is possible using lighting and initiative. A great day I think was had by all, I certainly enjoyed the experience and I’m looking forward to doing more!!!

If you would like to get involved, I’m now taking bookings for October but places are very much in demand – so get in quick!!!



Terry Croom


3 comments on “MY FIRST WORKSHOP

  1. Thank you, Terry!
    Yes, we moved. A new website and blog, because we wanted to be all in one place.
    We want to show manny ideas, tips and tricks for everyone.

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