As promised, here is the blow by blow account of how I shot the hair spray bottle on my first workshop in September.

In the image above, you can see the product which was actually glued to a rod and attached to a tripod. I then placed an A2 piece of black foam board about 60cm behind the product. Trick 1 A large softbox was positioned behind and touching the board. This in effect, created 3 strip boxes behind the subject, one either side and one below. This produced a rim light all around the subject. Trick 2 If the subject was on a black shooting table, we wouldn’t get that rim light all round 😀 I now placed a stripbox above the subject which high lighted the trigger mechanism and gave a nice gradient to the top curvature of the product body. A second softbox was placed in front and below the subject to light the label and main body. The final touch I used to create the gradient right hand side of the lid was a combination of a 1 stop diffuser panel and a sripbox which is not shown in the image above. But basically, the panel was at right angles to the subject RH side and a softbox behind the panel at about 45 degs angle to it – brightest side to the rear. That’s it 😀

The finished article

In my next workshops during October, I will be shooting a product again, but this time I will be creating an interesting back ground using lighting (no photoshop trickery). So if you want to get involved, get in touch using my contact page on my website.


Terry Croom


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