CSC’s (Compact System Cameras) the new kid on the block or just a passing fad? Well, DSLR’s are the ruling masters at the moment, but the way that technology’s moving it’s difficult to predict what will be in the next six months let alone the next six years. Cameras in mobile phones now have more pixel power than yesterdays point and shoot cameras so what’s the future? My personal take on this is that CSC’s definitely have a place in the scheme of things and are a notch up on Point and Shoots. The technology has done away with the mirror and have made these cameras light and versatile. Most, have a video option and the overall quality of the images are extremely good. They are the perfect partner for the Social Media revolution that we are currently experiencing and can be instantly connected to your ipad or iphone where videos and images can be on the web in seconds. So, are DSLR’s dead in the water? I don’t think so – not yet anyway. They are still the choice of professionals and are a must for photographers whole sell their images. Anyway, less of my ranting – What do you think?


Terry Croom


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