As promised, here is the “Behind the Scenes” images and explanation of the shoot, as it was done, at my October Workshop.

1  We started with just a shooting table which is basically a piece of plywood about an A4 size. A quick release plate is screwed to the back which makes it easy to fit to a tripod and a piece of black Plexiglass sits on top.

We start with just a shooting table

2  We used a diffuser panel as a back drop

Diffuser panel as a back drop

3  This is where the fun started. We arranged and then rearranged I don’t know how many times to get our subjects looking just right. It’s important to spend some time here and experiment so as to get the best from your subject.

We had some fun arranging and then rearranging our products

4  Now we added that blue to the background using a blue gel and honey comb grid (10 %) on a strobe aimed at the top of the diffuser panel. This also created a blue reflection on the shooting table. Here you could if you wanted, change the colour of the gel, or move the strobe to create different gradients. There are limitless possibilities.

We created the blue background

5  Now we introduced a stripbox to the front of our subject. At this point, we found that the reflections from the products were quite harsh when the stripbox was placed immediately in front. But with some experimenting, we discovered that with the stripbox tilted away to the right, we got some striking highlights. So we decided to keep it there. This did however, render our subjects dark and unclear.

6  In order to illuminate the front of our subject, we used a combination of a strobe, again with a honeycomb grid, and a reflector panel. By placing the reflector in front of and to the left of subject we could aim the strobe at it which in turn filled the front of the subject with nice soft light.

7  Here is the end result which the students were really pleased with as was I 😀


Terry Croom

The end result


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