Hello from the Jungle


I’m currently staying in a small and beautiful community called Linha Dolorata which is a wine making community set in the jungles of Southern Brazil. This area is part of the much under rated wine making regions of Brazil and produces some very fine wines and especially Champagnes. It is reported that the Champagne produced here is as good as, if not superior to, that of French Champagne which is quite an achievement in my opinion (still need to sample it though).

I have enclosed an image of the area and you can just see in the center of the picture  Rio Taquari rs a huge river which runs from  the extreme east of the Planalto dos Campos Gerais, where it is still known as Rio das Antas. On the bank of the river you can just make out a small and remote vineyard behind the trees. There are many remote and not so remote vineyards which cover a huge area of Southern Brazil and the inhabitants who run them originate from many parts of Europe such as Italy, Poland and Germany.

rio taquari rs

rio taquari rs

Stay tuned guys and I’ll add content as and when I am able 😀


Terry Croom (in the Jungle)


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